Handmade lighting // Beautiful unique pieces // Australian-standard electrical fittings.

Artisan Lighting..

Here at Wanderlust we are passionate about high-quality, unique and handmade lighting. We are proud to offer a range of pendants that we believe showcase the beauty of the natural materials used in our products. Our line-up consists of rattan pendants that will compliment and elevate your space. Australian-standard electrical kits are included with all pendant purchases.

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Shared Passions

"Wanderlust Lighting started as an idea we had while on holiday. It soon evolved into us wanting to create a working lifestyle that we can do together, but more importantly one that we are both passionate about. This shared passion was to have the freedom to create exactly what we wanted in lighting designs. We'd love for you to follow our journey and share in our passion for beautiful, handmade lights."

- Lauren & Blake, creators of Wanderlust Lighting